Recommend By Anonymous 1 reply 9 view

Hello! Can anyone recommend me good power fantasy manga, something related to solo leveling or the tower of god? Thanks!

NOTICE ME By mangasokmo 2 reply 3 view

I think developer need to add comment section for each manga chapter.


Can the developers please add a feature so that one can get updates that one of their bookmarked manga has been updated? PLEASE?

Hello By Anonymous 2 reply 21 view

Hey text pics to 571) 365-3344 to get pics ;) (selfies) ;)

Chapter mix up By Anonymous 2 reply 9 view

Modern day God An god city are mixed up After chapter 3 or 4 of modern day god it go’s right to god city please fix

Patiently waiting By satoshi-kundesu001 1 reply 24 view

I am so patient-impatiently waiting for the next chapter of my favorite manga ONEPIECE...

boi By Anonymous 3 reply 38 view

the worlds best manga is my hero academia!

can somebody recommend me a good yuri? By stscott275 2 reply 48 view

anythng but a one shot or an doujnshi or shoujo ai

recommend yaoi? thanks. By Anonymous 9 reply 140 view

can anyone recommend me a good yaoi? preferably short or a one shot! i haven't read any so if you could throw me a couple that would be great. thanks.