Sayonara Piano Sonata

Synonyms さよならピアノソナタ, Goodbye Piano Sonata

Released Nov 10, 2007


Drama Slice of Life Romance Music

Author Sugii, HikaruUeda, Ryo

Rating 7.93 /10 by 454 users myanimelist

Views 463

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line The story revolves around a 16 years old boy called Nao, which is son of a music critic and has a hobby of fixing machines. On a visit to a junkyard he meets a girl which is supposed to be a piano prodigy, to their surprise, she transfers to his school and enters his life. On top of it, he has a strange senpai and his childhood friend who want him to join their band... (Source: Sayonara Piano Sonata Wikia)


Ebisawa, Mafuyu Ebisawa, Mafuyu Kagurazaka, Kyouko Kagurazaka, Kyouko Hikawa, Naomi Hikawa, Naomi Aihara, Chiaki Aihara, Chiaki Flaubert, Julien Flaubert, Julien Ebisawa, Chisato Ebisawa, Chisato Hikawa, Tetsurou Hikawa, Tetsurou

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