Terra e...

Synonyms 地球へ…, Toward the Terra..., Towards the Terra..., Terra he...

Released Dec 06, 1976


Adventure Drama Shounen Sci-Fi Space

Author Takemiya, Keiko

Rating 7.92 /10 by 893 users myanimelist

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Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line In the far future, humans have destroyed their homeplanet, Terra, by carelessly messing with the enviorement. In order to preserve the life of their homeland, Terra, humans have evacuated this world in order to spread life unto other planets. Humanity, now ruled by a super computer that controls the birth of children, sees the emergence of a new human race called the "Mu," whose telepathic powers have alarmed the System running all of humanity. The Mu, now hidden from the rest of humanity, have one dream, to return home, to Terra... (Source: ANN)

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