Accel World

Synonyms アクセル・ワールド

Released Feb 10, 2009


Author Kawahara, Reki

Artist HIMA

Rating 7.92 /10 by 1,719 users myanimelist

Views 537

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Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line No matter what age it is, the "Bullied Child" will never disappear. The overweight, middle school student, Haruyuki, was one such kid. The only time he could relax completely, was when he would play a squash game on the local network the school had set up. He loved playing this simple game as he can forget painful times while immersed in it. It was fall. He was passing his time like this until one day, he had an encounter with the school's most beautiful, refined girl, "Shiroyukihime," which changed his life abruptly. Introduced to the software she transmitted, Haruyuki learned about "Accel World." A program that enhances one's mind capabilities... with certain side-effects. It was the moment the guy on the lowest rung at school became "Burst Linker," protecting the Princess as her knight. (Source: MU)


Kuroyukihime Kuroyukihime Arita, Haruyuki Arita, Haruyuki Kurashima, Chiyuri Kurashima, Chiyuri Mayuzumi, Takumu Mayuzumi, Takumu Kouzuki, Yuniko Kouzuki, Yuniko Kurasaki, Fuuko Kurasaki, Fuuko Ash Roller Ash Roller Kakei, Mihaya Kakei, Mihaya Noumi, Seiji Noumi, Seiji Yellow Radio Yellow Radio

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