Synonyms おそ松さん, Mr. Osomatsu

Released Jan 15, 2016


Rating 7.92 /10 by 285 users myanimelist

Views 375

Status10 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Matsuno, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Juushimatsu Matsuno, Juushimatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno, Osomatsu Matsuno, Osomatsu
Matsuno, Todomatsu Matsuno, Todomatsu Yowai, Totoko Yowai, Totoko Matsuno, Matsuyo Matsuno, Matsuyo Matsuno, Matsuzou Matsuno, Matsuzou
Story Line Matsuno household has six naughty and mischievous sons (who are sextuplets), led by the eldest Osomatsu. They were grade schoolers back in the Showa period, but despite of still living in the same old household, the street view as well as the life style of modern day society have changed drastically. (Source: ANN)