Igano Kabamaru

Synonyms 伊賀野カバ丸, Iga-no Kabamaru, Iga No Kabamaru, Hippo mouth of the Iga, Kabamaru the Ninja, Ninja Boy

Released Oct 01, 1982


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Story Line The eponymous protagonist is a naive young ninja from the Iga province called Kagemaro (absolute shadow), nicknamed Kabamaru (hippo's mouth) for his insatiable appetite. After the death of his strict grandfather and ninja sensei, Kabamaru moves to Tokyo with one of his grandfather’s acquaintances. The plot deals mainly with Kabamaru adjusting to an urban lifestyle after spending a childhood in the mountains and how he finds himself caught up in the rivalry between two private schools. (Source: Wikipedia)


Igano, Kagemaru Igano, Kagemaru Kirino, Hayate Kirino, Hayate Mejiro, Shizune Mejiro, Shizune Ookubo, Ran Ookubo, Ran Ookubo, Mai Ookubo, Mai Igano, Saizou Igano, Saizou Futaba, Mejiro Futaba, Mejiro Suu, Matsuno Suu, Matsuno Nonokusa, Kaoru Nonokusa, Kaoru

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