Fushigi Yuugi Gaiden

Synonyms ふしぎ 遊戯, Fushigi Yuugi Light Novels, Fushigi Yuugi Den

Released Jan 30, 1998



Author Watase, YuuNishizaki, Megumi

Rating 7.9 /10 by 263 users myanimelist

Views 121

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Tamahome Tamahome Nuriko Nuriko Tasuki Tasuki Hotohori Hotohori Chichiri Chichiri
Nakago Nakago Amiboshi Amiboshi Suboshi Suboshi Chiriko Chiriko Mitsukake Mitsukake
Story Line Over a series of five years, Megumi Nishizaki wrote thirteen Japanese, light novels based on Fushigi Yûgi. With illustrations by Yuu Watase, Fushigi Yûgi Gaiden primarily explores the lives the various Celestial Warriors before they are seen in the manga. The only two novels to be set after the manga, Eikō Den (Jōkan) and Eikō Den (Gekan), later became the basis for the third Fushigi Yûgi original video animation, Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden. Originally published by Shogakukan, none of the novels have been licensed for English release. (wiki) Each book has around 10 chapters

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