Synonyms ムシウタ, Mushiuta

Released Apr 25, 2003


Action Fantasy Sci-Fi

Author Iwai, Kyohei

Artist LLO

Rating 7.88 /10 by 45 users myanimelist

Views 84

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Mushi-uta's story takes place in the near future. Ten years before the story's opening, strange insect-like creatures known as "Mushi" began appearing. The Mushi are able to consume peoples' dreams and thoughts in return for supernatural powers. Protagonist Daisuke "Kakkou" Kusuriya encounters a young girl named Shiika Anmoto. The two, in time, become quite close. However, unbeknownst to Kakkou, Shiika is an escapee from a secret prison known as GARDEN where those possessed by the Mushi, known as the Mushitsuki are held. GARDEN's military force, the Special Environmental Conservation Executive Office, dispatches its finest killer to track down Shiika. However, they are faced with resistance from the Mushibane resistance organization, led by the secretive "Ladybird." (Source: ANN)


Anmoto, Shiika Anmoto, Shiika Kusuriya, Daisuke Kusuriya, Daisuke Tachibana, Rina Tachibana, Rina Ogata, Akatsuki Ogata, Akatsuki Ayukawa, Chiharu Ayukawa, Chiharu Horiuchi, Erii Horiuchi, Erii Sehateno, Harukiyo Sehateno, Harukiyo Haji, Keigo Haji, Keigo Homeroom Teacher Homeroom Teacher Goroumaru, Touko Goroumaru, Touko

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