Chibi Maruko-chan

Synonyms ちびまる子ちゃん, Momoko Sakura

Released Aug 01, 1986


Comedy School Shoujo

Author & Artist Sakura, Momoko

Rating 7.86 /10 by 127 users myanimelist

Views 1,979

Status21 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line The first story under the title "Chibi Maruko-chan" was published in the August 1986 edition of the shoujo manga magazine Ribon. Other semi-autobiographical stories by the author had appeared in Ribon and Ribon Original in 1984 and 1985, and were included in the first "Chibi Maruko-chan" tankōbon in 1987. The author first began writing and submitting strips in her final year of senior high school, although Shueisha (the publisher of Ribon and Ribon Original) did not decide to run them until over a year later. The author's intent was to write "essays in manga form." Many stories are inspired by incidents from the author's own life, and some characters are based on her family and friends. The nostalgic, honest and thoughtful tone of the strip led to its becoming popular among a wider audience. (Source: Wikipedia)


Sakura, Momoko Sakura, Momoko Honami, Tamae Honami, Tamae Oono, Kenichi Oono, Kenichi Sugiyama, Satoshi Sugiyama, Satoshi Fujiki, Shigeru Fujiki, Shigeru Yamada, Shouta Yamada, Shouta Sakura, Sakiko Sakura, Sakiko Tsuchihashi, Toshiko Tsuchihashi, Toshiko Nagayama, Osamu Nagayama, Osamu Sekiguchi, Shinji Sekiguchi, Shinji


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