Once Again

Synonyms 初•末 ONCE AGAIN

Released May 20, 2012


Drama Slice of Life Romance Josei

Author Feng Xi, Shen LeiBUDDY

Rating 7.85 /10 by 1,644 users myanimelist

Views 1,039

Status7 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Yuan Ge, a director at an advertising firm, is interrupted in the midst of a meeting with the news that his long-estranged wife has passed away. He barely finds time to grieve for her, a woman he had long since ceased to love. Several days later, he is struck by the vision of a young girl on a subway bus, but she disappears the minute he looks away. This is a story of lost love, and of one man's personal journey. (Source: Easy Going Scans)


Ge, Yuan Ge, Yuan

Chapter 7 04/14/2019
Chapter 6 04/14/2019
Chapter 5 04/14/2019
Chapter 4 04/14/2019
Chapter 3 04/14/2019
Chapter 2 04/14/2019
Chapter 1 04/14/2019