No.6 Beyond

Synonyms NO.6 ナンバーシックス beyond, Number Six Beyond, Number 6 Beyond

Released Nov 22, 2012


Action Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Josei

Author Asano, Atsuko

Rating 8.56 /10 by 636 users myanimelist

Views 171

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

Nezumi Nezumi Shion Shion
Inukashi Inukashi
Story Line This time, subsequent to the story that wrapped up in Volume 9, is the release of a wondrous "side story"! In response to the many sorrowed voices, the author Asano Atsuko proclaimed, "Then I'll write a supplementary story!" The author herself, recalling her love for the characters, is blazing with ambition at being able to give further life to Shion and Nezumi, who hold such complexity and unfathomable fascination. Cutting out moments from the lives of Nezumi and Shion that she hadn't been able to touch on before, she starts to unravel their secrets...