Miiko desu!

Synonyms みい子で~す!, It's Miiko!

Released Jan 01, 1991


Comedy Shoujo

Author & Artist Ono, Eriko

Rating 7.78 /10 by 196 users myanimelist

Views 4,111

Status37 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Miiko brings us to see how things are from the eyes of a 4th grade child. This one will be fun to read, not only for kids, but also for adults who want to remember how everything was from the child's perspective. must read! (Source: fairyfly)

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Yamada, Miiko Yamada, Miiko Eguchi, Tappei Eguchi, Tappei Ogawa, Yuuko Ogawa, Yuuko Yuka Yuka

Vol.4 Ch.40: I Can See It! 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.39: Tomo-chan, Don't Lose! 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.38: Thank You, Teru-chan 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.37: Miiko's Longest Day 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.36: Kiss.Kiss.Kiss 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.35: Messed Up Valentine 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.34: Tomo-chan's Promise Bracelet 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.33: A Gift for Miiko 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.32: Go! Yuuki! 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.31: It Hurts 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.30: What's For Lunch? 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.29: Mystery ABC 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.25: Hello, Baby! 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.24: The Person I Love 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.23: Running Away On Eve 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.22: Let's Party (Part 2) 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.21: Let's Party (Part 1) 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.20: What Makes You Hate School Trips? 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.19: Harajyuku, Oh, Yes!! 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.18: Let's Get Along! 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.17: Tappei's Mother Day 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.16: I Want to Lose Weight! 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.15: I Want a Puppy 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.14: Miiko's First Date!! 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.13: Mama Kissed Santa 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.12: Helping the Mangaka 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.11: Come On, Mamoru! Let's Swim! 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.10: Friend on the Tree (Part 2) 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.9: Friend on the Tree (Part 1) 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.8: Call Me "Sister" 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.7: Miko Wants To Be Pretty! 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.6: Surprise in Spring 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.5: I Want To Give You a Chocolate 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.4: Here's Your New Year's Gift! 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.3: Lovely Santa Brooch 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.2: Happy Birthday, Mamoru! 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.1: I Want To Go To Cram School 06/10/2019