Synonyms 銃夢 GUNNM, Ganmu

Released Nov 01, 1990


Action Seinen Sci-Fi

Author Kishiro, Yukito

Rating 8.49 /10 by 13,632 users myanimelist

Views 495

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

Gally Gally Nova, Desty Nova, Desty Ido, Daisuke Ido, Daisuke Jashugan Jashugan K, Koyomi K, Koyomi
Yugo Yugo Four, Figure Four, Figure Kaos Kaos Gime Gime Zapan Zapan
Story Line The people and cyborgs of the Scrapyard live beneath the floating city of Tiphares, whose inhabitants dump their junk in the Scrapyard and rule above its inhabitants. One day Ido, a former Tipharean citizen and doctor specializing in cyborg repairs, finds the intact head of young cyborg-girl in a vast pile of scrap. He takes her in, gives her a body and the name Alita. Alita then discovers long forgotten fighting techniques hidden in her body and decides to become a hunter-warrior; a bounty collector employed by the factories of Tiphares. (Source: ANN)