Ai Kora

Synonyms あいこら, Love & Collage

Released Jul 06, 2005


Drama Shounen Comedy School Romance Ecchi Harem

Author & Artist Inoue, Kazurou

Rating 7.75 /10 by 7,386 users myanimelist

Views 1,603

Status120 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Maeda Hachibei is peculiar, because, when most males lusting after gorgeous females, he instead lusts after discrete parts. When he relocates to Tokyo to attend school, he finds himself living in a dormitory with five females, each possessing a distinct ideal physical trait he desires: gorgeous blue eyes, bullet-train breasts, a deep dulcet voice, and straight "anime-esque" legs. Can he manage to keep his wits when these women surround him? Although you would not be completely incorrect if you believe this is like Love Hina… Hachibei is no Keitaro. (Source: Musashi Quality) Included one-shot: Volume 12: The Boy Who Heard Too Much

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Maeda, Hachibe Maeda, Hachibe Tenmaku, Sakurako Tenmaku, Sakurako Tsukino, Yukari Tsukino, Yukari Ootori, Kirino Ootori, Kirino Yatsuhashi, Ayame Yatsuhashi, Ayame Aburazaka, Seishirou Aburazaka, Seishirou Ameyagi, Tsubame Ameyagi, Tsubame Kikuno, Haiji Kikuno, Haiji Shibusawa, Ryuunosuke Shibusawa, Ryuunosuke Kureha, Kano Kureha, Kano

Special Chapter - The Boy Who Heard Too... 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.119: Eternal Parts Love 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.118: Goodbye Hachibei 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.117: True Feelings 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.116: England 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.115: Big Confession 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.114: Heartbreak 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.113: Rival in Love 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.112: The Worst Situation 06/10/2019
Vol.12 Ch.111: Heartache 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.110: Heading Towards Your Dream 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.109: Live Debut 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.108: Scout 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.107: Mutual Love 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.106: Chocolate Woman 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.105: Bloomer Attack 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.104: Bloomers of Love 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.103: Ayame and Haiji 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.102: Our Happiness 06/10/2019
Vol.11 Ch.101: Wait Up, Sensei! 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.100: The Wavering Heart of a Maiden 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.99: What's Wrong With Being a Hand Fetishist! 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.98: Unexpected Parts 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.97: Comeback 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.96: Despair 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.95: Sajima's Past 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.94: Crackdown 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.93: Sore Losers Division Chief 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.92: Lady of the Night 06/10/2019
Vol.10 Ch.91: Aburazaka and Sayo 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.90: Present 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.89: Suicide Parts 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.88: Fattening Love 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.87: SUKIyaki 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.86: Swaying Emotions 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.85: Shibusawa Case File (End) 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.84: Shibusawa Case File (Beginning) 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.83: Mom Comes Home 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.82: The Elegy of Stupid Men 06/10/2019
Vol.9 Ch.81: Battle Royal 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.80: X-mas Party 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.79: Hachibei Enters the Ring 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.78: Erotic Research Society 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.77: Masked Gamer 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.76: 2D Boy 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.75: I Will Protect You 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.74: Lips Elopement 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.73: Real Boob Competition 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.72: Step on Me! Please! 06/10/2019
Vol.8 Ch.71: Even Now I... 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.70: First Date 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.69: The Sanctity of Ayame 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.68: Little Ninja 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.67: Chicken Heart 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.66: Unreaching Feelings 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.65: Think Nothing of Him 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.64: The Hot Springs Trip 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.63: A Strange Development 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.62: Doki Doki Doki Doki 06/10/2019
Vol.7 Ch.61: First Kiss 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.60: Queen of Queens 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.59: Regaining the Waist 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.58: Yukari Love 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.57: Dangerous Tea Table 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.56: Punk Battle with Dalalalalah! 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.55: Erotic-Voiced Punk Band 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.54: The Great Boots Plan 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.53: Sakashitamon Academy's Festival (Part 2) 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.52: Sakashitamon Academy's Festival (Part 1) 06/10/2019
Vol.6 Ch.51: New Boys' Dorm 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.50: Unforgettable Scars 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.49: Stupid Test! 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.48: Aspiring Fetishist 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.47: Miracle Breast Pudding 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.46: He's... 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.45: Pantyhose Crime 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.44: Sakashitamon Academy's Sports Festival 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.43: Ideal Girl 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.42: Real Glasses Faction 06/10/2019
Vol.5 Ch.41: Normal Hachibei 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.40: Street Debut 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.39: Suspect Maeda Hachibei 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.38: Miracle Bust 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.37: Pervert... 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.36: Confession 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.35: Sakurako's Father 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.34: Wanting to Meet 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.33: Osaka Dream Date 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.32: Kunoichi Awayuki 06/10/2019
Vol.4 Ch.31: Fearsome Martial Arts Competition 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.30: Unsuitable Dream 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.29: Legendary Spirit 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.28: The Tsukino Sisters 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.27: Yukari's Secret 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.26: The World's Only Summer 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.25: Parts Hunting 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.24: Kikuno vs. Ayame 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.23: Rumors of a Transfer Student 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.22: Maybe I'm... 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.21: Great Glasses Girl Plan!! 06/10/2019
Vol.3 Ch.20: The Man with the Trampling Fetish 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.19: Sensei's Boyfriend (Part 2) 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.18: Sensei's Boyfriend (Part 1) 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.17: Fear's Curvy Beauty 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.16: Princess' Counterattack 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.15: Growing Boy 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.14: The Mysterious Lifeguard 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.13: The Voicemaster from Hell 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.12: Yukari's Feelings 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.11: Offensive Fetish 06/10/2019
Vol.2 Ch.10: The Mysterious Criminal 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.9: Unhealing Wound (Part 2) 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.8: Unhealing Wound (Part 1) 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.7: The Number One Girl 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.6: The Invincible Man 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.5: Be Courageous... 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.4: A Maiden's Worries 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.3: The Guy Called Shibusawa 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.2: A Lovely Welcoming Party 06/10/2019
Vol.1 Ch.1: Fated Parts 06/10/2019