Kara no Shounen

Synonyms 空の少年

Released Jan 01, 2008


Drama Supernatural Fantasy School Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Fujitsuka, Yuki

Rating 7.74 /10 by 1,114 users myanimelist

Views 268

Status4 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line 1) Sunny Spots Typhoon: Kusakabe Kaoru is the prince of the school that all the girls want. But he has a secret that he doesn't want any one: Since his mom's death he's been a house-husband and takes care of his three younger siblings and dad. 2) Dawn of Eden: During the summer, Hibiya Madoka, Azuma Tatsuki, Mizuse Miwa and Nakayama Kotaro must go to cram school. Knowing that Miwa and Tatsuki both have mutual love, Madoka liking Tatsuki (but they are only partners) and Madoka and Tatsuki both hating Kotarou. How will they manage to survive on an inhabited island that they just have been stranded on? 3) Empty Boy: Asagi Ao has a secret power that he inherited from his mom: Everytime he touches a living thing with his bare hands, their memories of him will disappear. But what will he do when he gets closer to Akane? Knowing he can't touch her is rather painful to him... 4) Pinocchio Dreams: Fubuki's dog, Chloe, gets hit by a car. Kio spots her and tells her to come with him to save Chloe. After Toba Daisuke, who is famous to weirdo, saves Chloe, Fubuki finds out Kio is a robot! She is shocked and creeped out but they eventually become friends. (Source:

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