Vampire Game

Synonyms 吸血遊戯〈ヴァンパイア・ゲーム〉, Kyuuketsu Yuugi

Released Jan 01, 1996


Adventure Comedy Shoujo

Author JUDAL

Rating 7.72 /10 by 2,474 users myanimelist

Views 1,122

Status19 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Duzell Duzell Ishtar Ishtar Darres Darres Lassen Lassen Yujinn Yujinn
Illsaide Illsaide Sharlen Sharlen Laphiji Laphiji Falan Falan Vord Vord
Story Line A century ago, the good king Phelios and the Vampire King Duzell had a life-threatening duel. Phelios defeated Duzell, but he was killed in the process. Now Duzell has been reincarnated as a kyawl, a catlike creature, to take revenge on Phelios's reincarnation. He becomes adopted by Princess Ishtar, one of Phelios's decendants. Duzell, with the help of Ishtar, now begins his quest for revenge!