Juu Ou Sei

Synonyms 獣王星, Juuousei, Planet of the Beast King, Death Game

Released Jan 01, 1993


Action Drama Sci-Fi Shoujo

Author Itsuki, Natsumi

Rating 7.71 /10 by 280 users myanimelist

Views 379

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Twin Brothers Thor and Rai, the sons of murder parents are sent to prison star Kimera. What was waiting for them is a planet where meat eating plants rules and society is in four different colony based on skin color. Will the boys survive in these harsh conditions!? (Source: MU) Includes a two-part short called "Death Game".


Third Third Zagi Zagi Klein, Thor Klein, Thor Tiz Tiz Cheng Cheng Karim Karim Klein, Rai Klein, Rai Rada Rada

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