Bokutachi Otoko no Ko

Synonyms ボクたちオトコの娘, Bokutachi Otoko no Musume

Released Dec 10, 2012


Music Gender Bender

Author Kirishima, AiNerisuke

Rating 6.58 /10 by 58 users myanimelist

Views 182

Status24 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

Aoyagi, Tamasaburou Aoyagi, Tamasaburou Sakurai, Seri Sakurai, Seri Mitsuya, Ren Mitsuya, Ren
Fujishiro, Ryuichi Fujishiro, Ryuichi Takigawa, Yuji Takigawa, Yuji
Story Line Based on the drama CD series of the same name, Bokutachi Otoko no Ko follows three boys named Seri, Ren, and Tama who dream of becoming top idols. Little did they know they would come together under Barney's agency to form the cross-dressing idol unit, UNBALANCE. With the help of the Barney's agency president, Fujishiro Ryuichi, and their manager, Yuji Takigawa, they will become Japan's top cross-dressing idols!