Hidamari ga Kikoeru

Synonyms ひだまりが聴こえる, Theory of Happiness

Released Dec 21, 2013


Slice of Life School Shounen Ai

Author Fumino, Yuki

Rating 8.43 /10 by 4,121 users myanimelist

Views 1,214

Status28 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

Sugihara, Kouhei Sugihara, Kouhei
Sagawa, Taichi Sagawa, Taichi
Story Line Because of a hearing disability, Kouhei is often misunderstood and has trouble integrating into life on campus, so he learns to keep his distance. That is until he meets the outspoken and cheerful Taichi. He tells Kouhei that his hearing loss is not his fault. Taichi's words cut through Kouhei's usual defense mechanisms and open his heart. More than friends, less than lovers, their relationship changes Kouhei forever. (Source: One Peace Books)