Ten: Tenhou-doori no Kaidanji

Synonyms 天 天和通りの快男児, Tenna Toori no Kaidanji

Released Aug 01, 1989


Drama Game

Author Fukumoto, Nobuyuki

Rating 8.32 /10 by 838 users myanimelist

Views 152

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted


Akagi, Shigeru Akagi, Shigeru Igawa, Hiroyuki Igawa, Hiroyuki Ten, Takashi Ten, Takashi Harada, Katsumi Harada, Katsumi Ken Ken
Sawada Sawada Soga, Mitsui Soga, Mitsui Asai, Ginji Asai, Ginji Washio, Hitoshi Washio, Hitoshi Kanamitsu, Shuuzou Kanamitsu, Shuuzou
Story Line It is 23 years after Akagi Shigeru's deadly battle with Washizu Iwao. Ten Takashi is living his life as a rep mahjong player. A kind person at heart, he also possesses a ingenious talent in mahjong. One day Ten meets Igawa Hiroyuki, a student player who 'plays by logic.' Hiroyuki is overwhelmed at Ten's playing style which involves anything besides logic, and soon becomes one of his close friends. Being the rep player he is, Ten had to play against some Yakuza. The chance of victory seemed to be on Ten's side, then the yakuza decides to call their secret weapon, a legendary rep player called...


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