Donten ni Warau

Synonyms 曇天に笑う, Cloudy Laugh, Utakata ni Warau

Released Oct 15, 2010


Action Supernatural Historical Shoujo

Author Karakara, Kemuri

Rating 8.29 /10 by 5,223 users myanimelist

Views 2,511

Status29 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Kumou, Tenka Kumou, Tenka Kinjou, Shirasu Kinjou, Shirasu Kumou, Soramaru Kumou, Soramaru Nishiki Nishiki Abeno, Hirari Abeno, Hirari
Kumou, Chuutarou Kumou, Chuutarou Abeno, Sousei Abeno, Sousei Botan Botan Ashiya, Mutsuki Ashiya, Mutsuki Kagami, Naoto Kagami, Naoto
Story Line In the dawn of the Meiji period, the Gokumonjou, an inescapable prison, has been established in the middle of an enormous lake to counter the soaring crime rates the new era has brought. Serving as the ferrymen are the famous Kumou brothers: the eccentric family head, Tenka; the reckless but noble second son, Soramaru; and the guileless youngest, Chuutarou. In spite of their grim work, the three lead relatively peaceful lives in the ever-cloudy town of Oumi, together with their housekeeper, Shirasu Kinjou. But buried in the long history of Oumi is the legend of the terrifying "Orochi," a serpentine beast that awakens every three hundred years in a human vessel. Unbeknownst to Soramaru and Chuutarou, the actual job of the Kumou family is to seal the Orochi away before it fully revives—or the world will be plunged into destruction. Amid the monster's next resurrection, the Kumou family must find the resolve to keep laughing under the clouds. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shot: Volume 1: Utakata ni Warau (2 parts)

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Vol.5 Chapter 21 : The Sun, Burning Once... 04/11/2019
Vol.4 Chapter 20 : The Orochi, Descendin... 04/11/2019
Vol.4 Chapter 19 : The Orochi, Reviving... 04/11/2019
Vol.4 Chapter 18 : Fuuma, Rooted In The... 04/11/2019
Vol.4 Chapter 17 : For The Land That Los... 04/11/2019
Vol.4 Chapter 16 : A Griever At The Merc... 04/11/2019
Vol.4 Chapter 15 : A Young Man, Crying I... 04/11/2019
Vol.3 Chapter 14 : The Sun, Vanishing In... 04/11/2019
Vol.3 Chapter 13 : Tenka, Shaken By Unre... 04/11/2019
Vol.3 Chapter 12 : Three Brothers, Sleep... 04/11/2019
Vol.3 Chapter 11 : Fuuma, Approaching Th... 04/11/2019
Vol.3 Chapter 10 : Memories Revived By T... 04/11/2019
Vol.2 Chapter 9 : Second Son, Infiltrati... 04/11/2019
Vol.2 Chapter 8 : The Pursued One, The C... 04/11/2019
Vol.2 Chapter 7 : Flower God, Beseeching... 04/11/2019
Vol.2 Chapter 6 : Story Four - Intruder,... 04/11/2019
Vol.2 Chapter 5 : Cutthroat, Sneering At... 04/11/2019
Vol.2 Chapter 4 : Under A Cloudy Sky, On... 04/11/2019
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Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Ephemeral Laughter - P... 04/11/2019
Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Three Brothers Stand I... 04/11/2019