Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch

Synonyms うみねこのなく頃に - Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch, When Seagulls Cry Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch

Released Oct 01, 2009


Demons Drama Horror Psychological Mystery Magic

Author Ryukishi07Souichirou

Rating 8.28 /10 by 2,588 users myanimelist

Views 1,178

Status29 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted


Beatrice Beatrice Ushiromiya, Battler Ushiromiya, Battler Ushiromiya, Maria Ushiromiya, Maria Ushiromiya, Ange Ushiromiya, Ange Bernkastel, Frederica Bernkastel, Frederica
Kanon Kanon Eva-Beatrice Eva-Beatrice Lambdadelta Lambdadelta Ushiromiya, Eva Ushiromiya, Eva Ronove Ronove
Story Line This chapter focuses mostly on Battler's sister Ange, and her life twelve years after the massacre on Rokkenjima. The existence of magic is heavily implied in this chapter and puts all of the theories Battler formulates against Beatrice thus far to the test. (Source: Wikipedia)


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