Kimi no Na wa. Another Side: Earthbound

Synonyms 君の名は。 Another Side:Earthbound

Released Jul 30, 2016


Drama Supernatural

Author Tanaka, MasayoshiKanou, ArataAsakawa, Hiyori

Rating 8.28 /10 by 454 users myanimelist

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Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Miyamizu, Mitsuha Miyamizu, Mitsuha Tachibana, Taki Tachibana, Taki Miyamizu, Yotsuha Miyamizu, Yotsuha
Teshigawara, Katsuhiko Teshigawara, Katsuhiko Natori, Sayaka Natori, Sayaka Miyamizu, Toshiki Miyamizu, Toshiki
Story Line Mitsuha is a young girl living in a rural town named Itomori and is fed up with her life. One day, her family and friends notice she's suddenly acting strange. Little do they know, a high school boy from Tokyo named Taki Tachibana found himself randomly switching places with her when he fell asleep. But he has no clue how to act as a high school girl in an unfamiliar place! This is the story of the hit novel Kimi no Na wa. from the perspective of Mitsuha's friends and family as they deal with her strange new quirks—and avoid disaster. (Source: Yen Press)

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