Koukou Debut

Synonyms 高校デビュー, Osananajimi wa Gakunenchou, Enren Debut, Koukou Debut Enrenhen

Released Aug 13, 2003


Drama Comedy Slice of Life School Romance Shoujo

Author Kawahara, Kazune

Rating 8.24 /10 by 23,173 users myanimelist

Views 831

Status2 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted


Komiyama, You Komiyama, You Nagashima, Haruna Nagashima, Haruna Asaoka, Yui Asaoka, Yui Tamura, Fumiya Tamura, Fumiya Jouhou, Akito Jouhou, Akito
Komiyama, Asami Komiyama, Asami Kurihara, Makoto Kurihara, Makoto Jouhou, Miyabi Jouhou, Miyabi Matsuzaka, Leona Matsuzaka, Leona Takahashi, Mami Takahashi, Mami
Story Line Haruna Nagashima gave her all to softball in middle school, and now that she's made her high school debut she's decided to give her all for a new goal. Getting a boyfriend and falling in love! However, she has one small problem. Since she never paid any attention to fashion or trend in middle school she has no idea how to go about attracting her yet-to-be-found love. But a chance encounter with You Komiyama provides her with the opportunity she needs. If he coaches her in how to become attractive, surely she can find herself a boyfriend! (Source: Boku-Tachi)


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Nakamura, Yoshiki



Chapter 275: DISASTER - Impending Doom -

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