Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria

Synonyms 空ろの箱と零のマリア, HakoMari

Released Jan 10, 2009


Action Drama Horror Supernatural Psychological Mystery School Romance Thriller

Author Mikage, EijiTetsuo

Rating 8.92 /10 by 12,717 users myanimelist

Views 329

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

Otonashi, Maria Otonashi, Maria Hoshino, Kazuki Hoshino, Kazuki Oomine, Daiya Oomine, Daiya O O Kirino, Kokone Kirino, Kokone
Mogi, Kasumi Mogi, Kasumi Usui, Haruaki Usui, Haruaki Yanagi, Yuuri Yanagi, Yuuri Shindou, Iroha Shindou, Iroha Otonashi, Aya Otonashi, Aya
Story Line Kazuki Hoshino values his everyday life above all else. He spends the days carefree with his friends at school, until the uneventful bliss suddenly comes to a halt with the transfer of the aloof beauty Aya Otonashi into his class and her cold, dramatic statement to him immediately upon arrival: "I'm here to break you. This is the 13,118th time I've transferred. After so many occasions, I have to say that this is all starting to grate on me, which is why this time I'm spicing things up with a proper declaration of war." And with those puzzling words, the ordinary days that Kazuki loved so dearly become a cycle of turmoil and fear—Aya's sudden appearance signals the unraveling of unseen mysteries surrounding Kazuki's seemingly normal friends, including the discovery of mysterious devices known as "boxes." [Written by MAL Rewrite]