Owari no Chronicle

Synonyms 終わりのクロニクル, The Ending Chronicle, AHEAD Series

Released Jun 25, 2003


Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi

Author Kawakami, MinoruSatoyasu

Rating 8.13 /10 by 218 users myanimelist

Views 130

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Sayama, Mikoto Sayama, Mikoto Kazami, Chisato Kazami, Chisato Thunderson, Heo Thunderson, Heo Shinjou, Sadagiri Shinjou, Sadagiri Harakawa, Dan Harakawa, Dan
Izumo, Kaku Izumo, Kaku Mikage Mikage Sf Sf Hiba, Ryuuji Hiba, Ryuuji Hajji Hajji
Story Line The world once fought a war with ten other worlds that exist alongside ours. That war was known as the Concept War and sixty years have passed since it was won. It was all kept secret and time has passed to the present without the ordinary people knowing. After the death of his grandfather, the high school student Sayama Mikoto is suddenly summoned by the giant corporation IAI. He learns this world is headed for destruction due to the acceleration of the Minus Concepts. To prevent this, negotiations must be undertaken with the survivors of the other parallel worlds so their ten concepts can be released. And so Sayama is caught up in the final battle to clean up after the Concept War which left behind so much enmity. (Source: Baka-Tsuki)

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