Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki

Synonyms 英雄伝説 零の軌跡, The Legend of Heroes VII: Trails of Zero, Eiyuu Densetsu: Rei no Kiseki

Released Oct 27, 2010


Fantasy Seinen

Author Shimakusa, Arou

Rating 8.12 /10 by 51 users myanimelist

Views 400

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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MacDowell, Elie MacDowell, Elie Plato, Tio Plato, Tio Bannings, Lloyd Bannings, Lloyd Orlando, Randy Orlando, Randy
Mao, Rixia Mao, Rixia Hemisphere, Lazy Hemisphere, Lazy Arianrhod Arianrhod Seeker, Noel Seeker, Noel
Story Line Lloyd, Elie, Tio, and Randy was assigned to the Crossbell police department in the "Secret Military Support Section". They will confront ordeals in order to correct the darkness of Crossbell, but the "wall" of reality in the city that stands in the way corruption is there. Based of the video game by the same name Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki.

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