Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku

Synonyms とある飛空士への追憶, A Certain Recollection of a Pilot, Reminiscence to a Certain Pilot, The Princess and the Pilot

Released Feb 19, 2008


Adventure Romance

Author Inumura, Koroku

Artist Morisawa, Haruyuki

Rating 8 /10 by 264 users myanimelist

Views 589

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Koroku Inumura's first Hikuushi series. Charles, a mercenary pilot of the Levamme Imperial Air Force, received an secret order. "Fly 12,000 kilometer across the sea in the middle of the hostile territory and send the Princess securely to the main land." He fought against a devastating number of fighters and overwhelming battleships to protect Princess Fana. This is about a forbidden love between an orphaned pilot and a girl with an unchangeable destiny. (Source: MAL News)


del Moral, Juana del Moral, Juana Karino, Charles Karino, Charles del Moral, Diego del Moral, Diego Karino, Chise Karino, Chise Tascu, Ramon Tascu, Ramon Guerrero, Marcos Guerrero, Marcos Chijiwa, Takeo Chijiwa, Takeo Garcia, Domingo Garcia, Domingo Levamme, Carlo Levamme, Carlo Joaquin Joaquin

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