• Joryusakka to Yuki, 女流作家とユキ

    Yuki and the Authoress


    This remind me of carol movie..

     - By yjg2626

  • LOVE 퍼센테이지 , LOVE比例 , Percentage of Love , Porcentaje de amor

    Percentage of Love


    Well..he should tell him the truth..coz taeun is his child... You really hurt him..if it's me I will het hurt too coz he trusts you and believe that you could trusts him too..but u only making him anxious and not feeling secure.. it's really a bad feeling that if the other person will not do anything to make it up to his partner.. really..i will get tired too . ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙

     - By Anonymous

  • Reincarnated into Demon King Evelogia's World


    thats a literal kid- and fetishising rape? nasty.

     - By femboy14

  • 빠나나 스캔들

    Banana Scandal


    the author clearly stated that on the authors note that the story will focus on those two since the main couple story arc is done. But i would also like to see the main couple times to times too

     - By Anonymous

  • 미친놈 종합세트 Madman Combo

    Assorted Wildness


    More plzzzz (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

     - By Anonymous

  • 好物はいちばんさいごに腹のなか;

    Koubutsu wa Ichiban Saigo ni Hara no Naka


    Update please ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

  • 升温; Heating-up

    Hold Me Tight


    bro i swear if felixs mom ends up being homophobic or some shit i’m gonna lose my mind like that’s the last thing i would expect since she’s so sweet

     - By acpm

  • 단 하나의여름

    Wistful Summer


    Oh really? I'm not read yet.. If u say so then I'll start read^^ hey, I just finish read 'THE BLURRY VIEWFINDER'. it's really interesting >< you should read it ><

     - By Chimmy00

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