• 키스 미, 라이어
    Kiss me, Liar 2021-01-19

    OK, this is just a theory...but are Keith and Yeonwoo so intertwined with one another because of the bite Keith gave him when they first met at that event years ago?? Like some sort of premature marking? (Before throwing him on the ground when he found out he was a man (¬_¬;)...) Also, Josh is totally Emma's brother and I have a feeling he's going to help Yeonwoo out once he realizes he's pregnant, and Keith is going to go mad with jealousy. *sigh* Anyway, Keith needs a new personality.

  • 키스 미, 라이어
    Kiss me, Liar 2021-01-19

    ....oh, you're definitely pregnant boo, he knotted you (°◡°♡) --- also, was the sex consensual during said knotting?? It feels like it was and wasn't all at the same time so I'm feeling very conflicted~

  • Keeper of the Pearl 2021-01-19

    How are the kids so cute?!!!

  • N/A
    My Darling Signed In 2021-01-19

    Someone please push Jungwoo out a window or something for my heart's sake, I can't handle this sadistic asshole. I hope he gets everything that's coming to him ( `д´*)ノ

  • 养个孩子再恋爱
    Raising a Child and Falling in Love 2021-01-17

    One of my favorite reads to date. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ The story is really wholesome, but also portrays a lot of real-life situations and handles them beautifully. I will say I wanted to push Yul's "dad" off a roof a few times though - like seriously, who emotionally manipulates a child like that?! Anyway 100/10 read, can't wait for the side chapters (even though I know they'll undoubtedly make me cry too...sigh)

  • 팀장님이 괭장해!
    My Purrfect Boss! 2021-01-17

    Ughhhh.... dealing with an abusive asshole 101: NEVER accept a drink from them. Please tell me Sunwoo followed them or something and that that snake ass bitch gets what's coming to himヽ( `д´*)ノ

  • Biting the Tiger 2021-01-17

    I'm about two thirds of the way into the story so far and I have to say I didn't expect to cry so much -- why is the author doing this to us?! Ahhhhhhh, my poor crybaby heart cannot take this! o(〒﹏〒)o

  • Yi Wan Nai Ba
    Billionaire House Dad 2021-01-16

    ...does this story ever reach a point where the main couple can just live their life in peace away from all of the seriously disturbed and cruel people they seem to be surrounded by?!

  • RoomXMate 2021-01-16

    ...wait, so we can't even see the censored versions now unless we pay $20/month on patreon (╥﹏╥) I'm so saddddd

  • 옆집 최애
    The Voice Next Door 2021-01-15

    This is super cute, but it quite literally hurt my heart every time Jun thought of himself as unworthy! I'm glad he has his love to tell him otherwise now. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

  • The prince of proctology 2021-01-15

    ...I can't believe I read this, I must have lost my mind, surely??? And if I'm being honest...it actually wasn't all *that* bad, but then Shou assaults Jin and then Jin & the Doctor end up having sex in front of said assaulter??? That's where the story lost me. But I guess since I didn't mind the rest of the story I'm more perverted than I thought? Is anyone else having an existential crisis over this like me??? ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

  • 引狼入室
    Invite A Wolf Into The House 2021-01-13

    Ahhhh I need moreeee. Radish is too cute! (°◡°♡)

  • Marry Me, Alpha 2021-01-09

    99% of the sex in this is actually rape and I wish I would have known what to expect beforehand because I could have done without all of the coercion and threats. Wish there was less of this in yaoi storylinesヽ( `д´*)ノ

  • 언로맨틱
    Unromantic 2021-01-08

    This is both cute and hilarious and I love seeing the roles reversed in an alpha/omega relationship. And with the latest update???! I'm sorry, how can the president resist his cuteness?!

  • Dajeonghage malhaejwo; Talk Sweet to Me; 请柔情的告诉我; 请温柔的告诉我; 다정하게 말해줘
    Be Sweet to Me 2021-01-07

    Angel is the kind of friend you eventually stop talking to because they continuously take the games they play TOO FARヽ( `д´*)ノ UGH, I want Ray to find love too, but come on bro, admitting your feelings to your friend only *after* they are in a happy relationship is some major bs. *BE ???? BETTER ???? THAN ???? ANGEL ????

  • ANTI P.T. 2021-01-05

    I'm Team Hwi all the way, so wtf are you doing Param?! When Hwi finds out he's going to be heartbroken (╥﹏╥) And from the little backstory we've seen it seems Hwi really needs someone like Param in his life because it appears he's been abused and unvalued, while Mr. No Feelings Han has been making everyone distraught and miserable. Like...he literally just told a guy who he's obviously been sleeping with for quite some time that he didn't even bother to remember his name because that's how little he mattered to him, and you hold out against his advances for a whopping sixty seconds?! UGH LISTEN TO YOUR BEST FRIEND, DAMN IT, SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT.

  • 주인의 사정
    Yours to Claim 2021-01-01

    OK, the whole Cain situation is weird af because we have zero backstory there, but at least he seem nicer and more considerate compared to Yahwi. I mean, I'm team no one right now though because Yahwi treats our boy like crap for months and only starts being nice when he becomes jealous, and Cain has admitted to tricking him for some reason, so really Jooin just has bad taste in men and we need a third character to be introduced who treats him like he deserves.

  • Peulaibis Seukaendeul; Тайный скандал; 프라이빗 스캔들;
    Private Scandal 2021-01-01

    Honestly cannot blame Ilyan or Kyle for wanting to drop James Taylor off the roof because I want to do the same.

  • 골드 그레이; 男友是人造omega;
    Gold Gray 2020-12-31

    I'm only a handful of chapters in and I have to stop reading this. I cannot stand Lucas and how he's emotionally, financially, and physically abusing and manipulating Rain. Like, in what world is it ok to have thoughts about tricking someone to have your child and then murdering them?! I don't even care if Lucas somehow becomes "good," he's a psychopath and Rain deserves better.

  • 妊男~男子校で妊娠した俺; Pregnant in Boy's School
    Nindan - Danshikou de Ninshin Shita Ore 2020-12-28

    The first 25% of the story I was so pissed off at Chiharu that I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading, and now I'm on the latest episode crying for their obvious love of one another. (How did I get here?!) I just wish their world was better so Ikumi could feel safe enough to openly admit his feelings. (。╯︵╰。) I hope the new chapters show them growing into love and not out of it!

  • 호형호제
    Our Companionship 2020-12-27

    He built a bar so he could be closer to him!!!! How can they be so cute ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

  • Lover Shuttle ;  Aein Syeoteul ;  애인셔틀 ;  Движение любви
    Love Shuttle 2020-12-26

    Agggh I'm kinda disappointed he wasn't pregnant, but at the same time it's good because it gives them an opportunity to admit that they have serious feelings about one another without the pressure of having a baby. I mean, it's basically implied they're mates right? I just hope they don't push each other away after the pregnancy scare - I don't want to see them heartbroken! Ahh OK, when's the next season starting, I'm already dying to know what happens???!