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  • SMUT Straight
    SMUT Straight 2020-09-14

    341 manga

    This is a collections of Manga/Manhwa/Manhua with SMUT and EXPLICIT SEX content. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Kekekekeke~

  • Yaoi Manga (Japanese Only)

    922 manga

    This is a collections of yaoi MANGA. There's a lot of manga that I like. Mostly 'coz of the story lines. Well, we all know that japanese yaoi mangas are bluring the images too much and it's kind of turning off my dick. But, the story lines are helping it. I hope you enjoy these manga as much as I do. Kekekeke~

  • Boys Love and Shounen Ai

    1335 manga

    This is collection of Manhwas and Manhuas Boys Love Webtoon. Some of them (actually most of them) have an explicit sex scenes. I haven't read it all. I just collect all of them in one category so I can read it later (when I'm alone and there's tissue beside me) ^///^. Well, I hope everyone also could take a peek on my collections and enjoy them as well as ^_~

  • Romance/Drama/Novel

    77 manga

    Collection of Romance/Drama genre that I personally like. Most of those are Manhwa adapted from Novel. Nowadays I’ve been engrossed in reincarnation type of romance manhwa. It’s even better if that has magic or power or something like that. I hope I can get more of those kind of Manhwa recomendation from the kindly readers here

  • Fantasy/Isekai/Reicarnation/Martial Art/Action