• You, me and 4 season - Boku no Hero Academia dj 2021-04-11

    They made my cry

  • Boku no Hero Academia - Kanchigai da yo! Kirishima-kun! (Doujinshi) 2021-04-11

    So cuteeeeeee

  • Unluckily Lucky 2021-04-08

    This is so cute! Highly Recommended

  • Semantic Error 2021-04-07

    I feel like It become my favorite Bl. And I cant top myself to be curious for the next chapter.

  • :Invitation of Mystic Messenger / Mystic Messenger / 수상한메신저
    Invitation Of The Mystic Messenger 2021-04-05

    I just wanted to asked whoever played mystic messenger, does it have the same story? I've been dying to play it but can't handle the bugs

  • Mistake Lover 2021-04-04

    Haha. This story really made me laughed and frustrated at the same time. ????????

  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night (Yahwacheop) 2021-04-04

    Whaa! Seungho and Nakyum, Please no more toxic relationship. Please be happy!

  • Semantic Error 2021-03-28

    Thank you for updating this one.

  • A proxy painter
    A Painter Behind the Curtain 2021-03-24

    I was so frustrated throughout the story. It's realy amazing. I don't know, I'm trying to understand Raymond but I just couldn't take how toxic he is. Ian was so pure I don't want him to be hurt but I guess love can really make us irrational. Raymond love Ian and Ian also love him why can't they just be happy.

  • Shall We Go Surfing? 2021-03-02

    So cute. Whaa! Kinikilig ako.

  • 후즈 유어 대디
    Who's Your Daddy? 2021-02-21

    Okiee, I'm stuck again with a toxic relationship but still I can't stop reading it.

  • The Lady I Served Has Become a Master,  모시던 아가씨가 도련님이 되어버렸다
    The Lady I Served Became a Young Master 2021-02-14

    What happened to chapter 25?? ????????

  • 연우의 순정
    Yeonwoo's Innocence 2021-02-11

    Just like Hanseol, I Junhyuk and Yeon woo really look cute together.

  • 소나기, [썸인썸머] 소나기
    Rain Shower 2021-02-05

    Whaa! So cute! I love them ????

  • 웰던
    Well Done! 2020-12-18

    This is so frustrating! What happened to taejun?based on my observation it seems that Mr. Han has feeling for Taejun but this idiot Yoon is really frustrating. I pity Mr. Han because he needs to do that in order to be successful but fudge! I also understand Yoon feelings but this was just so toxic.

  • 왜 이러세요, 공작님!, Wae Ileoseyo, Gongjagnim!
    Why Are You Doing This, Duke? 2020-12-12

    I need the nwxt chapter! Are they going meet? Whaa can't wait! Thank you for updating it!