• Back to School 2021-01-19

    This was so beautifully writen it really brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy that Chiwoo ended up with someone who is loving, caring and listens to what they don’t want. I also really liked the aspect that they didn’t get all lovey dovey right after Jihyun was out of the picture, I think that really gave the story a touch of reality and rawness. Eventhough some people are not good for us (even if we know that) it’s hard to just put everything aside just like that and feelings just don’t go away that easily. I just loved it sooo much I think the story deserves a wayyy higher mark tbh

  • 19天 (Chinese); 19 Days (English); 19 Tian; 19 дней (Russian); 19 Ngày (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
    19 Days 2021-01-18

    I NEED MORE, this is really one of funniest webtoons I read just can’t get enough of both couples (⌒‿⌒)

  • N/A
    My Darling Signed In 2021-01-18

    Tbh I felt the worst for the girl, just imagine being bullied for years which leaves you with 0 selfesteem, no family to rely on and all that money you need to pay back. And in the end when you find ONE person who supports/loves you and they rip them apart from you. Can’t imagine how painfull and regretfull her life must have been (╯︵╰,)

  • a man of virtue
    A MAN OF VIRTUE 2021-01-17

    Can we please get the chapters back :(

  • Midnight Rain (CTK) 2021-01-16

    Ughh this was just too cute, truly two souls who needed eachother to be complete (´ ∀ ` *)

  • 나의 수하
    My Suha 2021-01-16


  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop) 2021-01-16

    I like the special chapters but was wayy to curious the whole week for the main story ( ̄  ̄|||)

  • Dangerous Convenience Store 2021-01-15

    can we talk about that last panel of chapter 9 cause DAMNNNNN(ノ´ з `)ノ

  • 레진코믹스
    Seashell boy 2021-01-15

    I thought that the artstyle of the character resembled ‘painter of the night’ a bit, it’s my favorite artstyle sooo i’m so happy sosososo goood ( 〃▽〃)

  • Cuando el yakuza se enamora,  야쿠자가 사랑을 한다면
    When The Yakuza Falls Inlove 2021-01-14


  • 트랙터는 사랑을 싣고
    Tractor Full Of Love 2021-01-14


  • ANTI P.T. 2021-01-14

    Tbh it doesn’t look like hwi is willing to give this new guy a chance, atleast he isn’t thorn between 2 people like Param ( ̄  ̄|||)

  • 키스 미, 라이어
    Kiss me, Liar 2021-01-13

    YES THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!! Yeonwoon is such a badass for drawing the line for what he doesn’t tolerate like yessss babe show them where they belong when they cheat ✨t r a s h✨

  • Dangerous Convenience Store 2021-01-12

    That was so HOT I cannot waaaiiiiittt for the next chapter 。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。

  • Mayday mayday mayday! 2021-01-10

    He better not fall for that obvious stupidass trap, I mean even the dumbest know that u shouldn’t betray the (head of) mafia ????

  • 나의 수하
    My Suha 2021-01-10

    I hope suha doesn’t see jiwoon as a ‘bad’ person after this. Jiwoon clearly wasn’t in his right mind since he was sick and got drugged earlier PLS DON’T SPLIT UP 。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。

  • 럽미닥터!
    Love Me Doctor! 2021-01-10

    Damn the doc be getting freaky with alot of ppl lol. But tbh it does is realistic in real life eventhough someone finds someone they like they still go around sleeping with others until the other relationship is ‘for sure’. It online happens in series/books that when one finds someone they interested in that they magically have no partners like who are u kidding it’s a hot doc ofc he gonna have some smut going on

  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop) 2021-01-09

    Poor nakyum is filled with so much trauma he can’t even arrange his memories properly (╯︵╰,). So pissed the way he gets treated he deserves so much better, SOMEONE GIVE HIM SOME LOVE AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT

  • legs not walking; 걷지 않는 다리;
    Legs Which Cannot Walk 2021-01-07

    I love it when the ‘badboy top’ shows his nicer side such a turn-on, like yeeesss baby go get that d with a nice personality(ノ´ з `)ノ

  • Cuando el yakuza se enamora,  야쿠자가 사랑을 한다면
    When The Yakuza Falls Inlove 2021-01-07

    This is my fav kind of genre yaoi, yakuza AND A CUTE KID. Ughh I wished there where more chapters already this is soo good (´ ∀ ` *) (ps does anyone know another manhwua like this one?)

  • ANTI P.T. 2021-01-07

    Smart idea to go f another guy when u agreed to go on a date with someone else who truly cares for u. Also i’m most pissed abt him saying it was just a ‘mistake’ like no you chose it. It wasn’t a suprise kiss that you just shoved away. You literally kissed for so long, took a GODDAMN DRIVE FOR ATLEAST 10/15 MIN, and then went DELIBERATELY to his house. Don’t come with that ‘oopsie lil mistake’ bs 凸( ` ロ ´ )凸

  • 이세계 상점
    Vargoth's Magical Toys 2021-01-07

    Loved it that the bottom was more daring then the top, it just adds spice when the bottom approaches first instead of acting too shy(ノ´ з `)ノ

  • 수상한 손님과 알바생; Suspicious Guest and the Part-Timer
    Pleasure Principle 2021-01-06

    A simple and cute story???? It was refreshing to read something after reading alot of manga with drama I hoped they would show more of Woojin’s lovelife and how the friendship was going afterwards tho(╯︵╰,)

  • The Devil’s Temptation
    The Devil’s Temptation 2021-01-06

    This is so good i’m loving itt. I did found the trio a bit much bc Alek and Ivan are family so for me it did overstep that boundary ????. I love how in this the one who loved the mc pure and without lying ‘won’ instead of the basic ‘cool, asocial mysterious boss turns out sensitive’ had it his way. Can’t wait to say how Alek will start developing feelings for Noahヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

  • INSECRET 1 2021-01-04

    Eventhough I like the Dojin and Yuwon ship gotta be honest that it was straight up forced. It doesn’t matter if they already have done it a couple times when someone says no u just stop. Also I have reall bad feelings about the other male actor

  • 키스 미, 라이어
    Kiss me, Liar 2021-01-01

    F Keith

  • The third perspective 2021-01-01

    Uhm not to ruin anyone’s fun but the MC is a person who needs serious mental help not a f***king orgy to overcome his trauma

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-12-31

    I AM PISSEEDD, Param literally is cheating on Hwi? He accepted hwi’s dating proposal but the next day he just thinks it’s okay to have intercourse with Han? Eventhough you liked him for a long time you agreed to date someone else, you can’t talk cheating right. Hwi deserves a 10000 times better than Param he was upfront from the start and only showed affection to him I’M SO SAD HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS HE IS GONNA BE SO DEPRESSED ONCE HE FINDS OUT IM NOT READYo(〒﹏〒)o

  • 나만 몰랐던 너의 이야기
    The Only One Who Didn't Know 2020-12-28

    This story was so good it brought tears to my eyes, sooo many emotions and realistic hardships people face. I was truly touched throughout the entire story and finished it in one go

  • Stalker's Game 2020-12-28

    After reading this I realized I need therapy LMAO, I actually weirdly really liked that they ended up together???? yes they did start off on a wayy to toxic note but I think they actually were ‘even’ towards the end. I think if they really try to change and talk thru things they can be a reall good couple, once again someone hit me up with a psychiatrist

  • 럽미닥터!
    Love Me Doctor! 2020-12-27

    This is soooo gooooddd ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

  • 렌트 보이
    Rent Boy 2020-12-26

    Spoilers ahead: I have such mixed feelings about the ending. I can truly say that this was a bittersweet story. I think Anton has some severe mental issues after everything he has been thru and Arwin never gets to be a free person. There love will always have boundaries that can’t excel any futher. ALSO WTF THE DAD TRIED TO THE DIRTY TANGO WITH HIS OWN SON, why is no one talking about the weird incest what was going on???? Even when he was having intercourse with the cheap man he looked, in the panel it was clearly shown he had chosen him because he resembled his son??? And lastly (mostly a theory) I think the dad chose Arwin to become his because like mentioned in almost every chapter the two of them resemble eachother so much. I mean isn’t it weird that he would chose a boy who resembles his own son so much? It’s just a theory but I have so many questions????

  • 나의 수하
    My Suha 2020-12-26

    These chapters are breaking my damn hearttt(╥﹏╥)

  • 트랙터는 사랑을 싣고
    Tractor Full Of Love 2020-12-26

    Ughh I love this story soo much(ノ´ з `)ノ such a cute couple can’t wait for the new chapters

  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop) 2020-12-26

    Why isn’t there any character development, just speak uppp

  • legs not walking; 걷지 않는 다리;
    Legs Which Cannot Walk 2020-12-24

    Damnnn minhyuk used to be one of my faves, but after that last chapter he really needs to get himself checked (҂ `з´ )

  • 연애제한구역
    No Love Zone 2020-12-23

    I actually liked that they didnt have a ‘hotscene’ right in the first chapters, this way it felt way more realistic ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

  • W.O.W
    Walk on Water 2020-12-23

    In my opinion Chang was the best character in this, if you look at it from his pov he just was a boy who was never loved but only tried to tie the only person he had feelings for in the only way he knew possible. Just hoped he had a better ending(╥﹏╥)

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-12-22

    Even if his backstory is sad, it’s no excuse to be mean and use people to your own liking, still not on team Han (҂ `з´ )

  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop) 2020-12-19

    This is just TOO MUCH this is one of my fav yaoi i read so far (and i read ALOT) the tension, artstyle & storyline is just too good. Need new chapters ASAP(╥﹏╥)

  • 沉鱼
    Sunken Fish 2020-12-19

    I like the storyline, never read a storyline like this before. Feels refreshing after all the basic ‘boss-assistant’ love story’s. Really looking forward to the upcoming chapters (@^◡^)

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-12-16

    why would u want a Han when there is a Hwi, would sacrifice my whole being for one like that(ノ´ з `)ノ

  • 미친놈 종합세트
    Madman Combo 2020-12-14

    When will there be a new chapter this is one of the best Yaoi’s out there????

  • 우연한 동거, Tình cờ sống chung; Home Alone Together
    Incidentally Living Together 2020-12-09

    I actually REALLY liked this, it was such a realistic yaoi with alot of real and raw problems many people deal with, reallyy refreshing to see a story that also portrays real issues instead of just the ‘cute&nice’ stuff of a relationship

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-12-08

    When will there be a new upload?(ノ´ з `)ノ

  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop) 2020-12-04

    I just read the chapter on lezhin and im sad now, why doesn’t he just say he was kidnapped like WTH MAN

  • The 10 Years I loved you the most ,10 years where I loved you the most,The 10 Years that I loved you,Los 10 años en que más te amé,Zui Ai Ni Di Na Shi Nian,最爱你的那十年
    10 Years That I Loved You the Most 2020-11-29

    I didn’t know that I could cry this much, literally was sobbing for 4 hours straight after this. The writer really but alot of details in the subtle parts of a relationship which made it extremly difficult to actually put this apart from real life, to whoever wrote this I am truly blessed to have read a story this heartfelt and pure