Waraenu Warashi: 108 no Karma

Synonyms 笑えぬ童子 ~108の業~, The Emotionless Sprite: One Hundred and Eight Karma, Waraenu Douji, Waraenu Warashi: 108 no Gou

Released Oct 25, 2010


Drama Fantasy Psychological Seinen

Author Mano, Makoto

Rating 7.21 /10 by 86 users myanimelist

Views 285

Status9 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line A long time ago, a pair of twins were born. Back then, however, multiple births were considered unlucky, so one of the twins, a girl, was... crushed to death with a millstone, buried under the shade of a large mulberry tree. The girl's soul, lacking a fully grown spirit, could not reincarnate, and as such was forced to wander the world. Only after collecting 108 individual sources of human misery/worldly desire could she move onto the next world.