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Fuuma no Kojirou: Yagyuu Ansatsuchou

Synonyms 風魔の小次郎 柳生暗殺帖

Released Nov 30, -0001


Action Shounen

Author(s) Kurumada, Masami Yuri, Satoshi

Rating 7.88 / 41 vote(s)

Views 508


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Story Line This is a spin-off of the Fuuma Kojirou and spend a few years after the events present in the original work of Masami Kurumada. The remaining members of Fuuma clan are Kojiro and his disciples, Komomo, older, and Tora. At this point arises Renya Yagyu Ranko brother was determined to obtain the legendary sword Fuurin Kazan, which was said to belong to Kojiro. However, this was only a prelude to something bigger. A portion of obscure Yagyu family, which forms the Karmasho clan, is determined to resurrect a mysterious and evil, sacrificing many people it takes, is Himeko Hojo or priestess of Fuuma. Many characters known by readers of the original manga return, in an environment full of intrigues and conspiracies. The story and art are made by Yuri Satoshi, which has a trace similar to Masami Kurumada, the original author of the work.

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