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Bad Company

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Released Jun 12, 1996


Action Shounen

Author(s) Fujisawa, Tohru

Rating 7.65 / 4,334 vote(s)

Views 11,522


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Story Line Before Eikichi Onizuka became a legend, before Onibaku, before he became GTO, he was just a normal junior high school delinquent. Getting into fights with his seniors, trying to pick up girls and just hanging out with his friends. Bad Company is a compilation of many short stories, linked together with the characters of Eikichi, Ryuji and their school buds. Such stories involve the origins of Eikichi`s bike, which we see frequently in GTO, the first meeting with the Midnight Angel and many other.

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Takahashi, Hiroshi

8.05 17,515

Vol.1 Chapter 6


Takahashi, Hiroshi

8.23 25,738

Vol.26 Chapter 95 : Crows Is...

Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Nishimori, Hiroyuki

8.53 20,425

Vol.38 chapter 366 : Imai and Tanigawa's Trip for Two [End]


Takahashi, Hiroshi

6.98 912

no chapter!

Crows Gaiden: Katagiri Ken Monogatari

Takahashi, Hiroshi

7.43 1,905

Vol.2 Chapter 7 : Kizu Kyousuke (Part 2)