Synonyms ReCollection

Released Oct 25, 2013


Fantasy Mystery School

Author Takano, Ichigo

Rating 7.62 /10 by 415 users myanimelist

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Status4 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line In order to remember his forgotten dreams, love, and self, Natsume Kanade, a high school teacher suffering from amnesia, is suddenly visited by a strange man with dark-rimmed glasses who claims to be "God." Natsume Kanade wakes up with a terrible headache from the day before. Wait, what happened yesterday? More importantly, who is he? And who is the the guy with dark-rimmed glasses bossing him around to prepare for a teacher?! Why does everyone know what happened yesterday!? (Source: MU)

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Chapter 3 04/11/2019
Chapter 2 04/11/2019
Chapter 1.2 04/11/2019
Chapter 1.1 04/11/2019