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Synonyms ネフィリム

Released Jun 27, 2006


Action Fantasy Comedy

Author(s) Kusakabe, Rei

Rating 7.56 / 51 vote(s)

Views 255


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Story Line High school student Shin Imai has an extraordinary ability: he is able to electrically charge metal materials. One day, he meets a mysterious winged girl named Air, and Shin’s ability becomes enhanced. The next day, Shin’s classmate, Sanari Kurosaki, tells him that there is another Air-like being named Blissful for Sanari. These beings are called Nephylyms. Sanari tells Shin that people like them who have Nephylyms such as Air and Blissful have fought to purify the crystals of negative consciousness called Noir. Now Shin’s fight against Noirs begins! (Source: M-U)

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