Synonyms KAZAN -カザン-

Released Jan 01, 1997


Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Seinen

Author & Artist Miyao, Gaku

Rating 7.55 /10 by 360 users myanimelist

Views 483

Status52 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Kazan, the only survivor of the Red Sand clan, embarks on a journey to find the water demon that destroyed his people and kidnapped his best friend Elsie. Accompanied by his eagle companion and helper, Kazan meets a mysterious girl by the name of Fawna who has the power to create water from her hands. (Source: ANN)

Vol.7 Ch.51.5: Epilogue - Growing Up 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.51: Embrace 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.50: The Answer 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.49: Bonds 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.48: Fake 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.47: The Catch 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.46: Egg 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.45: Snake 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.44: Sacrifice 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.43: Knowing 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.42: Puppet 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.41: Ridicule 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.40: Running Away 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.39: Darkness 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.38: Coffin 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.37: Feather 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.36: Voice 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.35: Strength 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.34: Wings 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.33: -Quake- 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.32: Life 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.31: Clamor 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.30: Beach 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.29: Harbor 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.28: End 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.27: Mindreader 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.26: Lie 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.25: Tears 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.24: Hollow 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.23: Clouds 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.22: Arms 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.21: Hill 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.20: Sharpening 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.19: Girl 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.18: Once again 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.17: Void 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.16: Poison 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.15: Eyes 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.14: Resolution 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.13: Suspicion 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.12: The Valley 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.11: Time 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.10: Market 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.9: Armor 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.8: Tower 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.7: Fountain 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.6: Wind 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.5: Wheat 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.4: The Thread 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.3: Sword 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.2: Demon 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.1: The Meeting 05/01/2019