Waltz no Ojikan

Synonyms ワルツのお時間

Released Dec 28, 2012


Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Ando, Natsumi

Rating 7.36 /10 by 327 users myanimelist

Views 516

Status4 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line When Hime Makimura was young, her mother told her that she could be like a princess someday. Now that Hime is in middle school, overweight and unpopular, life is a cruel disappointment. Tango Minami is a popular high school boy who hides his job as a ballroom dance instructor to maintain his image. But when Tango's mom urges Tango to take Hime as a student, everything gets turned upside down! Will Tango's classmate find out about his embarrassing job? And will Hime find the self-confidence needed to be like a princess on the ballroom floor? (Source: Kodansha)

Chapter 4 04/14/2019
Chapter 3 04/14/2019
Chapter 2 04/14/2019
Chapter 1 04/14/2019


Ballroom e Youkoso

Takeuchi, Tomo



Chapter 50: Tokyo Metropolitan DanceSports Class A Competition, Final Round (2)