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The Daughter is a Former Veterinarian Has Been Abandoned, but Is Very Popular With Mofumofu!

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Synonyms Moto Juui no Reijou wa Konyaku Haki Saremashita ga, Mofumofu-tachi ni Daininki desu!, 元獣医の令嬢は婚約破棄されましたが、もふもふたちに大人気です!


Fantasy Slice of Life Romance Isekai Adaptation Reincarnation Animals

Author(s) Sonomiya rion

Artist(s) Makoto Uehara

Rating 9.56 / 259 vote(s)

Views 206,552


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Story Line Shiori was a veterinarian who died in a traffic accident and was reincarnated as the daughter of the Duke, Luna. She learned that there were animals in this new world that couldn't be found in her original world and dreamed of meeting them someday. However, her engagement was suddenly annulled one day and she was banished from the country. With that, she decided to embark on a journey to meet new Mofumofu! "Wait for me, my beloved Mofumofu!" Luna's love for Mofumofu explodes!

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