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The Struggle of the Villainess. I Realized I’ve Reincarnated Into Another World So I’ll Break off the Engagement and Find My Soulmate

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Synonyms The Villainess' (Temporary) Struggle. I realized I've reincarnated into another world so I'll break off the engagement and find my soulmate. ; 悪役令嬢(仮)の奮闘 異世界転生に気づいたので婚約破棄して魂の番を探します


Fantasy Romance Shoujo

Author(s) Kimura Ruka Kajiyama, Mika

Rating 8.2 / 10 vote(s)

Views 6,551


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Story Line "'Conviction event!' ?? You are certain these are her words?" The Moon Princess, Lady Rebecca Howard, has recalled the memories of her past life on the night before her graduation ceremony. It seems that this is the world of an ~Otome Game~ with the Saintess Candidate, Miss Charlotte Silva, as the protagonist. Charlotte is aiming for the fiance of the second prince who is... mine? So I, Rebecca, have the villainess role? After remembering my past life’s beloved husband, this engagement is impossible!! Rebecca Howard, 17 years old (soul's age 60). I'll crush the 'Conviction Event' with "karma reversal," then move to the countryside after breaking off my engagement! ...Wait, what?! Reincarnated in an ~Otome Game~ world, this is a middle-aged woman's search for her soulmate that starts from a "Conviction Event!"

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